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We all want to achieve more with less…

The Concept is easy, do the 20% of things that produces 80% of the results, in the 80/20  rule by pareto states that most results are produced by 20% of the work

But to do this (and the reason why i’ve failed so misserably for the last few years) is that it take a level of self awareness and understanding of both the end goal and your daily tasks,

And that is hard.

Until i’ve started using trello, you can use any type of life planner you are already familiar with.

I’ve just familiarized myself with trello, and its free to use.

you only need 3 cart in a board

1) To do
2) Doing
3) Done

(if you dont know how to use trello, i strongly advise you to go google and try out once first so you know what i am talking about.)

so what you can do is list down what you need to do, and everyday, move the to do’s to the doing list (while you do this, you are conciously reflecting on what you want to be doing) and by the end of the day, move the things that is done to the done list.

with only these 3 steps, you can now see
1) By the end of the month, what tasks have a finished
2) You forced yourself to reflect on what is important to you, and have a mental note that this is to be completed today so things that arise that day wont push it back to tomorrow then never.
3) You will not forget anymore task that is important enough to note down.