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Saying no is imporatnt when you want to stand your ground to the important things that you want in life.

Have you ever turn down an invitation because you are fear of disappointing them?

Here is a template that can help you not only say no without burning down the bridge with them, but also get them to respect you more.

Here is a 6 step progress , you dont need to use everything, just a combination of few that you see fit your style and the preson you are talking to.

1) Personal Acknowledgment

2) Admitting that you have to much to handle, an ” its me, not you.” message.

3) stating that you need to focus on your priorities or have already a list of yesses to fill.

4) Explain important bullets so people can sympathize

5) inform why finishing this is more important than taking in new ones

6) make them feel like its not only them by saying “i decided not to take on anything new for the next X months till i get my life sorted back together.”