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Starting out in your business you will realise eventually you will need to let more people to know about your existance.
So we tend to target as much as we can to “try our luck”
Usually, youll end up giving your money to facebook with little or no return.
whats the alternative?
If we really think about it, How many do you actually need?
it turns out you need not much. the term “1000 true fans” coined by kelvin kelly explains it well.
it turns out success need not be complicated, just start with making 1000 people extremely, extremely happy.
And you can make a living..
who are true fans?
true fans are people who supports you in everyway possible.
They read your blogs, they attend your events, they buy your book, they attend you course, join your subscription,
have you sign their shirt, their mug, their fav book.
if you are able to make 100$ out of your superfan per year, you will have 100 000 per year, which is enough to sustain most lifestyle.
And the most important thing is, 1000 is doable, in every niche.