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The best products usually comes from scratching your own niche.

I find it very useful to do this simple exercise to disect yourself.


First, what is your monthly income?


In tht income, if you were to categorize into chunks, what would it be?

(500)   investing (inner & outer)

(1100)   Eating Out 

(150)   Gasoline

(200)   Learning

(50)     Telephone

(500)   Travel

(100)   Extra

Now, what subsultures am i involved in?

1) Productivity

2) Startups

3)  Marketing

4) Stoicism


5 Sites i go regularly to get contents







3 to 5 facebook sites/groups i hang out the most

1)  Digital Marketer Engage

2) Beam

3) The Founders Club

4) e27


3 to 5 instagram pages

1) #seth godin

2) #personalgrowth

3) #motivationalquotes

4) 6amsuccess

5) peng joon

What you are doing is defining yourself, seeing where is my digital footprint and the direction i would likely go. 

3 to 5 podcast 

1) The tim ferris show

2) Mindvalley


4) Akimbo

5) The Digital Marketer Podcast

So now if you want to target me, you can make me feel like you spend alot of money advertising by just specifically targeting where i get authority contents from. 

Now, look back at your price category, It is important to Look at where is price sensitive , and price insensitive

And how much you can charge maximum, for example, i know that i only save 200 for learning new stuff, if someone charge me 250 for a monthly marketing subscription lessons, i would be less inclined to join because of the trouble it takes me to move things around. 

 If you dont have a product yet, it is best to go after market that you belong to, so that you dont have to bother trying to figure out somone elses demographics


I know that if i get into speaking in techstars event covered by entrepreneur, then i could appear as an authority for a very cheap price. 


All in all, Your trying to find your 1000 true fans who belong to tribes you belong to, so you can cost effectively appear.