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Why does startup’s marketing seems to be so effective when they are broke?

Maybe, just maybe if we can understand this, our marketing effort will start to make sense.

Working and observing both sme’s and startups as the “marketing guy”, i realise one key difference.

In startups, usually below 4 people, marketing guy is usually the sales person and the ceo.

This actually enables him to do 3 super power that sets startups and big companies apart.

1) Align Marketing efforts to Sales target.

2) Align pricing between market acceptability and company margin.

3) See new oppourtunities though marketing and finance lens.

Imagine if your company have someone like this, how much would that worth?


 The Revenue Team 

Maybe we should merge sales, marketing and finance team in the company together.

The sales person incharge of qualifying leads, the marketing guy incharge of bringing in leads, and the finance analyst incharge of making sure they are doing it profitably.