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Life need not be so hard, we tend to complicate things.

Last half of the year life is tough, I was doing things that doesn;t serve my best interest,to please someone i dont care, my life was miserable.

Then i started to ask myself, what if life wasnt hard?


life is enough for us to of the greatest of things, but we waste most of it on things that does not move our goal forward.

I feel like i wasnt doing things that moves toward my goal.

so then i asked myself

What if life is easy?

This changed everything.  it enable me to treat life like an experiment that i can tweak, it made me feel like i am in control for the first time after so long.

Control feels like the responsibility is on me to make my life remarkable, to craft my own ikigai.

i first heard ikigai from kenneth, the founder of beam, a cross-border matching engine focused on connecting business people. (you can find him on ) Facebook:

Ikigai is the middle ground between four pillars of a meaningful life.

1) What you love

2) What the world needs

3) What you are good at

4) What you can be paid for

That Is when I realised, i wouldn’t mind living a life trying to enable others to make a change in the world.

Here are a few questions i asked myself on the search for self discovery.

1) If no one will ever know you are doing it, will you do it?

2) Who are the three people i admire, what are the qualities or the things they are doing that made me admire them.

3) what is my targeted monthly income? so that i can know what angle to approach in terms of business plan will meet my lifestyle.

(Tim ferris has an amazing article on finding your TMI here)

4) What is hinddering me? what espect of my life I need to change to reach my goal.

It could be freedom of location, it could be connections, list them down so that you can make nessesary changes.

5) If i were to go for my dream life, who is my 1000 true fans? read this for more info