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Start by scratching your own itch




You know yourself most, so often times your market research will be to ask, how much will I be willing to pay to get the product or services? am i willing to pay 2x the price I are selling? am I willing to go more if I add in so and so? or less but i remove this and this?


it is often easier to sell to people like you, as you can convey a lot of personal experience that will resonate with the customer.


And, worst case scenario, even if you didn’t manage to sell or for some reason you need to close down your startup, at least you will need to use it.


Useful Questions to ask yourself:

1) what would I be willing to pay an extraordinary amount of money to fix in my life?

2) if money was not a concern, what is the top 10 things you will fix first?

3) If you have no money at all, and have to live off minimum wage, what would you still consider spending money on?

4) in the last 6 months, maybe more, what are the things you faced that you wish you can solve with money?

5) after all the questions you answered above, ask why behind you answer and answer all of them.

6) look through your list, examine what are the actionable steps I can take to see if there is a market?