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Visioning forward gets me excited about the future, but fear usually blocks us from doing the things that really matters.

So for me, vision does not translate to immediate action. For someone like me who tends to procrastinate alot, I find it useful to use fear as a fuel for action.

I think we can counter fear, with a bigger fear- which is the fear of death, because as entrepreneurs, we dont want to waste our lives, We want to build our own legacy.

So when we can see how much time we have left to build our legacy, it is often a bigger motivator than what you get on yourtube.

So for the pass few weeks I tested counting down my death, taught by Kevin Kelly, the writer of 1000 true fans.

I find it fasinating how i can push myself to do things even when im tired just because i know the number is going to drop by 1 by tomorrow.

This is what i did:

I downloaded a countdown app, any count down app that allows you to set an extended amount of days. I use Time Until because it shows on my home screen when i open the phone so i see it everytime i open my phone.

Then i calculate the end date of my hassle free life at 65, below the average of 75.30 years in malaysia because i dont want to factor in my retirement period.

65 minus my age right now equals to 42 years which is 15331 days (9/8/2019)

then you set it to apppear at your home screen.