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Designing Thinking is one of the most influencial part of my carrier, so many things that i have learnt and do revolves around design thnking. 

and issentially, what design thinking is to me is a model to solve new and unsolved problem in life. things that you cant google your way out of. 

Design thinking have 5 steps 

1) Emphatize, this step is about understanding, relating and seeing things from other perspective, what is the problem and what causes it to be a problem, who does it affect, what is causing this to happen and really dive into the problem itself. 

2) Define. next you define, alright, what are the list of problems that i have selected, which are problems cause because of other problems, and is there a 20% problem i can solve that will solve 80% of the problems.

3) Ideate. the next step is to come up with potential solutions, to a single or more problems, the key here is not the best answers, but a list of potential answers that might be able to solve the problem, that you will realise other alternatives besides what you have originally taught of.

4) Prototype. make a sample model of your solution, make somehting that achieve the result of the problem that is not perfect, but to understand if your hypothesis of your solution is correct or not. 

5) Test, this is the easiest part, test if your problem is really a problem, does it solve the solutions/purpose it is supposed to?