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A website is only a tool for you to use in your strategy to get more sales to come in, if your strategy doies not require  you to get a website, then dont get one.

What can a good website do?


A good website is like a trained sales person online. you can be at places where people (might) search for you, and lead them to a page that is only talking about your service, and that might be powerful to you.

A good website is also a great consultant, when you answer questions that people have, you gain their trust, as they remembered that you are the one who helped them to solve a specific type of problem.





 1) The Gut check.

Imagine your website as your online store, the first thing you need to ask is, If you come to your store, will they buy anything? if yes, then great, if no, whats wrong?

What are the information that is missing from the website that is blocking people from buying?

This step requires your to emphatize with your audience, are you generally going to solve their problem when they come? or are you wasting their time?

To test this, you will need to understand your customer avatar that i have covered a few chapters ago.


2) The type of channels you can use.

Once you think your website can get you visits, now its time to put it to the test, this is where you need to be creative, think about how to get people to see you at the right time, which is when they are looking for you or the solution you provide.


Here you need to understand their digital footprint. if your customer generally look for your product on facebook, and a facebook page is enough to get sales, you might not need a website.

A website is generally useful when they try to search for you on google, or when facebook just doesnt work because tehy are too much noise in facebook.

how marketers usually does it is they send traffic from different channels to their website.

eg. in founders, i post my stuff on facebook, but the content is written in my website so google will index it also.

for page productions, since they are a service based company, people generally will search for them on google, thats why my new campaign is to help them use google ads to get customers, which you cant do with a facebook page.

Now, think about how your customers will look for you? and understand their online behaviour before you move forward.


3) How to track?

How do you know if you are performing or not? there are a few tools for us to see how many people go to where i want them to go to.

It depends on what you are aiming to see and track actually.

For example, when we are running neon rush miri, we use clickfunnels to track the signups

for founders club, i am using google analytics to check if we are increasing our readership or not.

for buzzytime, we use mostly facebook to track our results because they provide the metric we want to see.

for page productions right now, i am creating an google ad campaign for them so the tracking is at google ads.

now here is the main thing you need to know, you must have a way to measure the success of what you are doing, because you cannot improve upon things that you cannot track.


4) A few Case Studies


Stone Amperor , one of my pass client now have around 10k visits per month to their content and this have benefitted them greatly


a friend of mine is running a buzz site, and he have around 1 mil trafifc to website, the total amount of money he generated from banner and facebook creator studio is easily around 10k – 20k


which is what buzzytime is also trying to do.