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Influencers need to have followers that want to be like them, and people subscribe to their lifestyle, so to allow a thriving market for influencers, there needs to be a lifestyle that some Influencers have.

Time Management for Business.

instead of trying to balance time, try mini sprints to your desired result, it allows focus and attention, now you just need to figure out which to focus on first

Timeless vs Temporary

Timeless: Science, math, philosophy, rhetoric. First principles. Creating art & business. Family & lifelong friends. Habits to calm mind & body. Temporary: Politics, news, entertainment. Memorizing facts. Hourly work. Transactional relationships. Drugs...

The reason I keep a timer to my death in my phone.

“We don’t beat the Reaper by living longer. We beat the Reaper by living well.” I downloaded an app called time until, it counts down important dates, but I count my potential death, ticking at 15053 Days, ending August 2061. This reminds me: Fate is not bias,...

On Projects

I used to be so afriad of starting the wrong thing. At the age of 22 YO, the taught of spending potentially 10% (2 to 5 years) of my life on a business is to me at the time, a big decision. Everything needs to be right, it must be the ONE.  That is what led to alot of...